Ruger Wrangler .22LR Revolver

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Ruger Wrangler .22LR Revolver
Ruger Wrangler .22LR Revolver


If you ever wanted to have an old cowboy gun just to shoot for fun but reproduction models on the market were just a bit out of reach of your wallet, then the Wrangler by Sturm, Ruger & Co. is the dandy little pistol for you. The Wrangler is patterned after the Colt Single Action Army (a.k.a. Peacemaker) and chambered in 22 LR, ammunition which is plentiful and cheap, so you can have fun at the range taking out targets without taking out your bank account.

Since the Wrangler is a wheel-gun, you have the advantage of using really cheap, low pressure ammunition that would normally stovepipe in a 22 LR semi-automatic. Range shooting with 22 LR is also great for beginners as it has low report and low recoil.

The single-action Wrangler is also an excellent firearms safety and training gun if you are teaching beginners since the hammer must be cocked for each shot and Ruger employs an important safety feature in this gun: the transfer bar mechanism. This mechanism sits between the hammer and the firing pin so that there is no possibility of an accidental discharge from a hammer drop.

There is also a loading gate interlock that also prevents hammer-pin contact while loading the gun. Typical reproduction single-action revolvers require the hammer at half or quarter cock to load, however with Ruger’s transfer bar design, loading is very easy and does not require the hammer to be moved at all.

If you peruse the Ruger website, you will see that they have offered a few 22 LR revolvers for some time, such as the Single-Six line and the Bearcat. So why would they need to make another single-action 22 LR revolver?

The answer to that question comes down to cost. Whereas the aforementioned revolvers are framed in either stainless-steel or alloy steel, the Wrangler is an aluminum-framed revolver that retails for about one third the price of the others.

Thus, Ruger has produced a reliable, entry-level revolver chambered in 22 LR that almost anyone can afford.


  • Single-action
  • Caliber: 22 LR
  • Capacity: 6 rounds
  • Cylinder Frame: Aluminum
  • Barrel and Cylinder: Steel alloy
  • Grip Frame: Zinc alloy
  • Hammer: MIM stainless-steel
  • Finish: Cerakote (A ceramic, since you cannot blue, Parkerize, or black oxidize aluminum)
  • Sights: Integral rear, blade front
  • Overall Length: 10.25 in. (26 cm)
  • Barrel Length: 4.62 in. (11.7 cm)
  • Barrel Grooves and Twist: 6 grooves, 1:14 in. RH (1:36 cm)
  • Weight: 30 oz. (850 g)
  • Safety Features: Transfer bar, loading gate interlock
  • Grips: Checkered synthetic (Grip size is identical to the Ruger Single-Six, so any Ruger or aftermarket grips for that pistol will fit the Wrangler as well)


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