Leopold are pioneers in all things telescopic. They have been around since 1907 and are a family owned and run company. In fact, 5 generations of family members have been devoted to creating the best sports scopes, especially you.

Having over 100 years in the industry makes them an extremely reliable brand to choose when picking a rifle scope. This is a brand for the adventurous amongst us that can’t resist being in the great outdoors and one with nature.

Rifle scopes are designed to help a shooter hit a target precisely from a far distance. People use rifle scopes for hunting as they allow them to line up a shot precisely from far away. Since the introduction of rifle scopes hunters have been able to make more accurate shots, resulting in more kills.

The Leupold VX-3I is a series of professional rifle scopes that are especially designed for hunters that are adventurous and on top of their game from dawn until dusk. This collection of scopes are lightweight, so taking them out on adventures won’t give you a sore back or stop you in your tracks.

One of the most frustrating things about hunting can be trying to line up a fiddly scope, especially if you have gloves on, and once you have managed to get everything lined up and ready, trying to read it can be even harder. That is why the VX-3I range is designed with you, the user in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are new to shooting or a seasoned professional, everyone can give it a go.

If those are issues you face on your hunting trips, then look no further, the Leupold range is for you. We have reviewed the top 4 rifles in the series, compared their features and weighed up their pros and cons. We hope this helps you decide which is the right scope for your needs.

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